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Why Women Leave Men – And How to Get Her Back

April 29th, 2017  by 
April 29th, 2017  by 
April 29th, 2017  by 
April 29th, 2017  by 
April 29th, 2017  by 

You've just been dumped, and you're confused and angry. You have to face up to the fact that you messed up somehow, but you do not know for sure what went wrong. You're probably going over and over the usual reasons why women leave men.

When women leave them, few men find it easy to admit that they were in the wrong. But right now it will not do you any good to take refuge in anger. If the only reason you want your girlfriend back is revenge; Then you should leave her alone.

But if you really want to have a happy relationship with her, and you have not done anything that would have a deal-breaker to prevent it ever happening, then you need to know what went wrong.

Why Women Leave Men

If you already know why, then you will know where to start. But not all breaks are clear-cut, and not everyone is willing or able to talk about the reason they are leaving. And you need to understand this if you are to have a real chance of getting her back.

There are several common reasons why women end relationships; And even if you feel your case is unique, there may be elements of one of more of them resonate with you. Even if you can not repair this relationship, understanding them will help you avoid making the same mistakes in future.

You Have Different Values

It's important that both partners want similar things out of life if a long-term relationship is to be successful. Things like marriage, children, money, religion, culture and moral values ​​are often deal-breakers if you have diametrically opposed views. In these cases it's best to accept your differences and move on.

Another common relationship problem is when women see men as a 'work in progress'. You're not quite what she wants yet, but she's convinced that with a few adjustments you can become her Mr Right.

In this case you may better off out of it. This situation usually ends in dissatisfaction and resentment on both sides. Without expecting perfection, it's important that you both accept each other as you are. If that's too difficult, then you are probably with the wrong person.

You Were Too Jealous and Possessive

You must be able to trust each other, but you need to be sure mature and secure in yourself to do so. Insecure people always fear that they will lose their beloved because secretly they are not good enough to keep them. This often manifests itself as jealousy.

If you are paranoid about what your girlfriend does when she is not with you, even to the point of spying on her, then you need to deal with you own issues before you try to get her back or sustain another relationship.

You can find that being over possessive can produce exactly the result you most fear, because your girlfriend will feel imprisoned and tempted to take any means of escape, including running off with another man.

You Lack Direction and Ambition

A man's traditional role is to provide and protect, and although women today do not need a man to provide for them, role reversal has not reached the point where a woman wants to take on this role herself.

If you do not have a life plan that gives you decent prospects then you will not appear to be much of a real man in her eyes – because you're not. If she feels she has to look after you, then you are not exactly the kind of man who no woman could resist.

She's looking for a lover, not a son. Making her take on a maternal role will kill all sexual tension between you stone dead. You're also forfeiting any kind of respect – from her or anyone else.

If you're being this feeble then no high value women is ever going to want you. You need to start doing something for yourself that will give you back some self-respect and put you firmly back on the road to somewhere.

You Were Too Controlling

This is connected to jealousy and possessiveness, but it goes way beyond that. Having rigid ideas about the kind of person your girlfriend should be, who she can see, where she can go and what she can do is tyranny and unfortunately much more common that many people think. The determination to control someone completely frequently involved abuse; Whether mental, emotional or physical or a combination of them.

If this is your problem then you should not be in a relationship at all, and you should never attempt to revive one with a woman you have previously abused. You should face up to having a serious problem and seek professional help.

You Were Just Incompatible

Opposites may attract, but they can not always live together. While some differences will add spice to your life, being in a relationship means getting your needs met, at least on some levels. This can happen when your relationship grows very fast, and you become close before you have had time to discover whether you are really a good match.

You need to slow things down a bit and find out how fundamental your incompatibility really is. A bit of distance may be necessary for you to get sufficient clarity on this. Without you can accept each other's differences without constantly fighting over them, you are better off apart.

Take some time to understand the real reasons you broke up before you try to do anything about it. You do not want to get into a cycle of breakup / makeup, so you only have one chance to get your girlfriend back. It's worth giving it your best shot.

Source by Sarah P Benson

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